New Eco-Friendly Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

Eco Friendly Spa Treatments

New Eco-Friendly Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

Eco Friendly Spa Treatments

Eco-friendly spa treatments are popping up around the globe

Whether it’s a massage with Awa Root (a sedative and anesthetic), a “Noni” fruit body wrap or exfoliation with Puerto Rican fruit seeds, luxury spas around the world are stepping up their game when it comes to selecting locally grown food and ingredients to create luxurious spa treatments. This summer travelers headed for spa getaways at luxury hotels will find a variety of exotic spa treatments to choose from, whether they’re visiting Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Costa Rica, or anywhere in between.

Here’s a few new treatments worth considering:

Noni Fruit Spa Treatment

Noni fruit is one of many new ingredients being used in spa treatments.

 “Noni” Fruit Wrap, W Retreat & Spa AWAY Spa on Vieques Island This spa has a variety of uncommon treatments to indulge in local island culture. The “Nourish Wrap” was designed to create a beauty glow using local “Noni” fruit, which locals use as an anti-aging treatment. The wrap also includes a fresh combination of aloe, green tea, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

Puerto Rican Fruit Seed Exfoliation, Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino’s Zen Spa The rich and wholesome Sensorial Spa Ritual is inspired by the lively nature of Puerto Rico and was developed to renew the skin’s radiance. Native fruit seeds and plant essences are used to exfoliate the skin creating a plateau for an aroma body massage utilizing an acacia wood tool that releases deeply rooted tension. A body cocoon therapy and warm water cascade energize the body.

Coffee Grain Skin Treatments, Costa Rica Marriott San Jose A colonial hacienda on a 30-acre coffee plantation, this spa is perfect for caffeine enthusiasts who want to explore the origins of coffee. Sourcing ingredients directly from the plantation, the spa combines the stimulating and anti-oxidant properties of the coffee bean in its treatments, leaving skin rejuvenated, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.

Rainforest Fruit in Spa Treatments

Rainforest fruit is being used in facials around the world

Rainforest Fruit Facial, Sibö at Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort In the ancient and indigenous Costa Rican culture of Cabecar and Bri Bri, the coco-luscious facial is the ultimate tropical indulgence and a journey for the senses. The facial utilizes the natural enzymes found in mangos and pineapples, and rich, luxurious coconut oils, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Awa Root & Hawaiian Ginger Foot Ritual and Hair Massage, Kohala Spa at Hilton Waikoloa Historically grown only in the Pacific islands of Hawaii, Awa Root is used in a foot ritual at the Kohala Spa, combined with Hawaiian Ginger. A scalp and hair massage featuring a blend of local pure essential oils are also part of the treatment.

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